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Published Author, Corporate Executive, Marathon runner & Coach, Keynote Speaker, Life Coach, and Spiritual Guide.

An engineer by profession, my real calling has always been harnessing the Power of the Mind (PoM) through meditation, to alleviate anxiety and stress and improve our quality of life. By practicing mindfulness, I have experienced exceptional growth in all aspects of my life.

More importantly, I have developed programs and plans around PoM which I have used to help others to become physically fit, mentally active, emotionally secure and spiritually aware. My true passion is helping people transform their lives. Having spent 35 years in Silicon Valley, I bring a unique perspective regarding the stress individuals, and their loved ones, face on a daily basis, as they attempt to balance their work and personal lives.

As a marathon/ultra-marathon runner and coach, I have guided thousands to successfully complete races ranging from 5K to 100-miles. Any one can train for, and complete, a marathon; utilizing the learnings from PoM, you can achieve your goals with relative ease and greater confidence.

Outstanding feedback and increased demand on my time prompted me to leave the corporate world and devote my time exclusively to coaching.

I am an IIT Delhi graduate with a BSEE and an MBA, and have held various positions of responsibility in the high-tech industry.