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I first took Raman’s PoM session in the summer of 2003. It was a different experience all together. From hopping continent to continent, which is a day’s work, I ended up hopping in to some other metaphysical plane. A composed self, where I felt connected with my body, mind and soul, all at the same time.

Raman kept emphasizing on the power of the mind. I always felt that the mind posses’ immense power but unleashing it is what makes the difference. I found my answers with PoM. The meditation techniques, the attitude of life and the whole experience has definitely taught me the importance of holistic health.

Running in and out of meetings, tackling a complex client problem while I am recuperating from a jet lag, managing an army of 18000 people, at home being a father, a husband and most of all being myself. I came to realize what good is the chase if I don’t know where I am headed. Now, looking back, I see myself transformed.

I confronted a calmer and more composed self. I now have the power to prioritize my work. I am able to manage my work and home with equal passion. In fact, I think I have even learnt how to defy the time zone aberration. I can be in two continents a day and not feel jet lagged. All I enjoy is the serenity of changing countries and serving my clients to the best of my ability. My coffee has come down to ZERO from15 a day. Because I thought to myself that it’s all in the mind that I felt I cant work without 15 coffees a day. It occurred to me and one day I just stopped having coffees, just like that.

One very pertinent change that I have seen in myself is the ability to manage Chaos. With steep deadlines, disruptive changes in the business cycles, ambitious growth plans; I am bound to loose my cool. But now, I confront chaos with a calculated approach. Now, the thinking mind precedes spontaneous decision making, defensive and preemptive thinking.

In sum, I feel I have struck the fine balance between the mind, body and soul. Raman thank you for teaching me that its all about the mind. The mind never ceases functioning and so, I shall never stop learning from you. Thank You Raman!

CP Gurnani, President, Tech Mahindra
(Formerly Mahindra-British Telecom)


I have known Raman for over ten years. Raman is the most relaxed (least stressed) person I know but also has the highest energy level of anyone I've ever met. From leading Scout troops, to running Marathons, to Managing large successful engineering programs, he seems to be able to tap an energy reserve that most of us don't have. Similarly, he seems to be immune to the pressures and stresses that wear many of us out.

Myself and many others have often asked him what his secret is, where he gets his energy, how does he do it? Much to our delight, Raman has developed programs and a book that reveal his secrets. I have personally attended several of Raman's seminars and read his book. I can say from personal experience that his techniques are powerful and effective. I went to one of his seminar's stressed out and angry over a difficult week of work. I came away from that 90minute session completely relaxed, feeling refreshed physically, but also having a better, healthier mental perspective. I felt like a new man. I didn't realize it was totally within my control to cause such a profound improvement in my own wellness in such a short time. The techniques were simple and they worked.

Raman's Power-of-the-Mind is the perfect counter-balancing force to today's high-stress workplace and have-it-all, do-it-all culture. Power-of-the-Mind program teaches people fundamental practices that can calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and rejuvenate the body. I consider his book "The Bible of Feeling Good" and encourage everyone I know to read it.

John Hansen, Senior Engineering Manager, Intel Corporation


Raman brings to the table, three decades of experience in self improvement through his unique blend of meditation and yoga. His calm, yet always optimistic approach lends great credibility to his words and actions. You can see first hand, in Raman himself, the positive results of his guidance and teaching.

Steve Young, Program Manager, Intel Corporation


“Raman is a very perceptive individual, gifted with the ability to understand and help people find balance in their lives. He helped me de-stress and find a way to achieve optimal work-life balance. He exudes positive energy in all that he does and through his optimism helps people to look at the brighter side of things. I enjoyed his seminars immensely and will continue to work with him and improve my mental, physical and general well-being. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.”

Deepti Illa, Senior Financial Analyst at Startup


“Raman has proven to be a very knowledgeable and understanding leader, manger and mentor to others. Due to his extensive background and research into Holistic Health, his ability to reflect positive energy amongst those around him has been a great experience in itself. His positive attitude has lead those around him to look deeper into themselves and realize their true potential and abilities.”

Gabriel Valdez, Program Manager, Intel


"Raman has the genius of understanding the inner power we all have and to surface that in a manner that can be leveraged in our day to day lives be it at the workplace or at home. His seminars are thought provoking, practical and meaningful - the meditation techniques that he has perfected over the years have proven very useful to me as well as others."

Naveen Narula, Managing Consultant, IBM


"After attending the 3-day Power-of-the-Mind (PoM) seminar over three months ago, the quality of my work and personal life continues to improve dramatically:  physically, mentally, and spiritually.  While initially motivated by the stresses of working in a break-neck technology field, the benefits of practicing the principles of PoM has crossed over into my personal life.  Many companies espouse the importance of work-life balance, but few that I know of, actually provides the tools to achieve this elusive goal.  I am very fortunate to work for a company that had given me these tools, through PoM.  I would like to describe a few areas where my life has changed.

First, my overall stress level has been reduced dramatically, even though my work and personal life demands have not changed, as contradictory as this may sound.  In some cases, the demands have increased.  Throughout the seminar, we are reminded that “it’s all in your mind.”  While sounding all too simplistic and trendy, my belief in this concept has grown daily, not by simple faith, but by personal experiences that forms the basis of my belief.  By practicing the techniques learned in the PoM, I was taught to quiet the mind from all of the hundreds, if not thousands of thoughts, positive and negative, that stream continuously though my mind daily.  By quieting and calming my mind, I am now able to focus on the most important issues and actions that need to be taken at any one time.  Since my stress level is determined by the number of demands (perceived or real), my stress levels have dramatically reduced because I only need to focus on a few items at any one moment.  Everything else is of lower urgency or importance so I do not have to spend mental energy on them or at least, deferred to a later time.  While all this sounded very logical and reasonable and I had probably read all of this in various self-improvement magazine articles, actually making it happen was difficult.  Practicing the simple techniques taught in PoM, however, put all of the missing pieces together and allowed the principles to be effective.

Second, my energy levels have dramatically increased.  While previously needing a minimum of 8 hours of sleep daily, I only need 4-5 hours now on the average.  In other words, I need less than 4 hours when needed or desired and more than 4 hours if needed or desired.  Furthermore, jet lag is no longer a major problem; I can step off a plane after passing through many time zones and feel energetic and able to focus at the task at hand.  I cannot explain it, but it seems as if my focus is no longer ensuring that I have enough sleep, but rather, the focus is now living life to the fullest and sleeping when my body tells me it’s time.  It reminds me a little of my young son who lives life fully, moment to moment, and when he needs sleep, he sleeps, sometimes for only a few hours and sometimes for many hours.  The focus is on doing what’s “really” right for you and less on what you or others “think” is best.

Third, my overall quality of life is much higher.  Little things that previously cause anger, disappointment, or fear do not occur as often.  For example, my long drive to work through heavy traffic used to irritate me greatly, especially when “someone does something stupid,” like cutting me front of me or going slow in the fast lane.  At some times, I seem to “sail” through heavy traffic.  While busier than ever (if not more), I no longer need to rush as much.  Life quality in the past was largely determined by the number of tasks completed.  I no longer “try” to cram as much into my life as possible.  It’s more than the old phrase of “more quality, less quantity.”  With more calmness and requiring less sleep, I’ve actually achieved higher quality and quantify and more importantly, higher satisfaction.  I no longer worry much now; they are just fleeting thoughts that come and go.  In the past, I used to “worry” about almost everything:  job success, personal health, family happiness, getting old, financial security, etc.  Now, I focus on what’s right for me which then resolves all of my previous worries.   Overall, whether I am more “one with the universe,” or more “in-tuned with myself, it does not matter; life just seems to flow more effortlessly."

Gordon Chinn, Manager, RF Architecture & Engineering, Intel


"When I got the invitation to attend a 3-day seminar in the middle of a busy work week, I had a million reasons why I couldn’t go with work piling up and deadlines coming up. Listening to Raman’s fluid words and soft pitch changed my mind in a matter of minutes and am I glad that I decided to go.

Stress is endemic to career success in Silicon Valley and I for one have struggled with maintaining Work/Life Balance throughout. I attended stress management classes, time management classes, fitness and nutrition programs, motivational lectures, etc … I can’t say that I did not benefit from these activities yet, POM in my opinion represents the ultimate in terms of it holistic approach that start at the very core of the human being, the mind.

POM emphasis on meditation is designed to unleash the power of the mind, the nexus of the whole being. Mediation is the mechanism for the mind to shed its shackles and become the source of boundless motivation to engage in reestablishing our physical well being through fitness and nutrition. It’s not about discipline and will power anymore, an unshackled mind renders proper fitness and nutrition regimens almost effortless.

I learned to breathe again … That’s right, proper breathing was what I had forgotten to do. POM helped me re-establish a high level of optimism and confidence. I am so glad that I listened to that voice in me, albeit faint at the time, and decided to go."

Pierre Selwan, Director: Architecture, Actel