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I met Raman about 10 years ago. He is a remarkable human being, who over couple of decades ago dedicated himself to a children's charity NGO. He raised funds for the organization by teaching people to be healthy by training them to run marathons. Outside of this activity, Raman, who is affectionately known as "Coach Raman" helped people with a holistic program that he developed - this included not only exercises, but also mindfulness and good nutrition.

He has changed lives of many people and I am one of the externally grateful recipients of his teachings. His coaching and teaching has completely changed my lifestyle - as a typical type-A personality who has been an executive in a number of companies in the San Francisco Bay Area, I had neglected my own health and consequently at around age 50, was paying a price.

Working with Coach Raman over the years, this couch potato ran one marathon and after that never looked back. Fifteen-plus marathons, followed by training in mindfulness using his "Power of the Mind" program, I am in the best of health that I never thought I would achieve. This holistic program has transformed the way I experience the world around me and I am so grateful of his teaching and training.

Satish Menon, CTO


Raman has been my life coach for 15 years, helping me maintain physical and mental equanimity through many good times, but most importantly, through some of my most difficult life challenges including running a high-tech research and development group and a life-threatening family health issue.

Raman coaches by teaching a set of principles that when clearly understood and properly applied, places whatever challenges into the proper perspective, creating an “aha moment,” which then enables you to move on. His principles are universal, regardless of social, economic, or religious backgrounds.

Most importantly, Raman’s generosity, empathy, and mentoring is genuine and never just a “job” to him. He is forever patient, supportive, and never judgmental. In addition to having a great sense of humor, he has an uncanny ability to sense when I need a “tune-up.” I will just get a call from him, out of the blue, and a short chat places everything into proper perspective - all is good again. For all these reasons, I wholeheartedly endorse Raman as a life coach and spiritual guide.

Gordon Chinn, RF Architecture & Engineering


I have been attending the Power of the Mind (PoM) sessions led by Coach Raman Rajpal for almost a decade now. Initially I struggled quietening my mind running all over the place and staying seated for almost an hour. However with Coach Raman’s continued words of encouragement and persistence I was able to achieve what I had been seeking: the feeling of oneness with the Universe, of being cared and loved by the one Force and being in submission to the Force.

The results were manifold: it gave me immense peace of mind, withdrawing from the mad race of competition with others, and stop worrying about things not in our control. Now mediation has become the way of life for me, not limited to just a morning routine, but anywhere, anytime I have a few minutes.

Coach Raman has changed the lives of many with selfless service, readiness to sit and talk and counsel anyone feeling depressed and low at any time of the day. He has given countless hours to his Power of Mind group each weekend, even at the cost of missing his own birthday and anniversary celebrations. If it was not for him I would not have known what meditation and “being in the Presence" means.

Gurdeep Kaur Chawla, Founder-Director, Indian Language Services


I first met Raman at the Mind, Meditation, and Innovation Conference at the renowned Copenhagen Business School in Denmark, where he was invited as a keynote speaker.

I was immediately captivated by his radiant presence and his lecture stood out. He was uniquely intuitive, pleasant, and sincerely wise. I could have listened to him much longer than the conference schedule allowed for.

I was honored to be conducting the video interviews of the prominent invitees and was so deeply disappointed when I missed the chance to interview Raman before he had to leave. So, I humbly asked if I could pick him up and escort him to the airport the next day.

Hereafter, I truly discovered the healing and transformative powers of this magnificent man. And, though we are separated by 1000s of miles, he is always present in my heart – making me whole and strong. His coachings are so profound, yet simple, insightful and he has helped me, and my family, tremendously. I am forever grateful to have met him, have him as my life coach and source of endless admiration and inspiration.

Sarah Bregnhardt, CEO, Speekout


I had the honor of working for Coach Raman at Intel in the late 90s. The workload and challenges were enormous. Yet, working in his organization was a lot of fun.

A few years after leaving Raman’s team, I  learned about his Power of The Mind sessions and joined one of his POM Executive retreats. It transformed my life! Since then, I have participated in several of his executive retreats and numerous seminars, workshops and meditation sessions.

He is my running coach and, more importantly, life coach. Every meeting with Raman is refreshing , energizing and full of insights. He is selfless, offers help and advice without imposing his opinions, and has an infectious positive attitude and outlook.

Coach Raman has a wealth of experience when it comes to coaching and mentoring in a corporate setting. For instance, our team at Intel outperformed peer teams in a high pressure environment, while maintaining a pleasant and joyous attitude - all thanks to his leadership style, coaching, and keeping us focused on the big picture. He really knows how to make work feel like fun :)

On a personal level, the specific skills I learned from my interactions with Raman and through his PoM classes include Meditation, Yoga basics, breathing , exercising, healthy eating and juicing. At the professional level, I became versed in Mindful Leadership, collaborative working relationships, and having a clear mind to focus on what really matters.

I would heartily recommend Raman to any individual seeking life coaching and advice, whether it's a change to a healthier life style, managing personal growth, or the need to deal with a difficult situation. I strongly advocate his coaching and mentoring programs to any organization that needs to achieve stellar results, and for executives seeking to transform themselves and develop mindful leadership styles.

Sam Al-Schamma, CEO, Smart Solutions, Singapore


Coach Raman is a phenomenal marathon and life coach.

He was my coach when I started running. He made running a part of life instead of an "exercise". I learnt this from him while running with him over long trail runs and races. He brought an infectious joy to early morning runs. I completed 100 mile runs only because Coach Raman never made any thing hard. He made the training fun and then running the race possible and fun.

His training style is such that ALL of us who trained with him successfully ran our races - marathons and ultra marathons. He taught us to pace ourselves in training and in races. He worked with us for what our target was individually and in group for both endurance and strength.

I also had Coach Raman as my life coach through his "Power of Mind" sessions. He taught me how to meditate. It has allowed me to take my time and learn to control my activities so I could enjoy each day. The days I mediated with him calmed and focused me for the rest of the week. He helped me transform my life through meditation. It has allowed me to achieve my personal targets and be happier.

Reshu Jain, Google


Coach Raman has trained multiple generations of runners, athletes, executives, and professionals in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am fortunate to have been under his tutelage for many years, overcoming my fears of running long distances and changing my lifestyle by incorporating meditation and healthful eating. This transformation gave me the strength to power my runs, and improve my personal and professional life.

I highly recommend his collaborative, gentle, almost sufi style of coaching to people from all walks of life.

Ashutosh Malaviya, CTO


I first met Raman in the mid-nineties and ever since I have been learning many life lessons from him. He has always been there for me. He has helped me through life's challenges and opportunities. He is a clear thinker and has a very unique take on life.

His love and empathy always shine through. The huge amounts of positive energy that he emanates is a source of great strength for anybody that comes in contact with him. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

Pankaj Kukkal, Vice President, Engineering, Qualcomm


I have known Raman for over twenty years. Raman is the most relaxed (least stressed) person I know but also has the highest energy level of anyone I've ever met. From leading Scout troops, to running Marathons, to Managing large successful engineering programs, he seems to be able to tap an energy reserve that most of us don't have. Similarly, he seems to be immune to the pressures and stresses that wear many of us out.

Myself and many others have often asked him what his secret is, where he gets his energy, how does he do it? Much to our delight, Raman has developed programs and a book that reveal his secrets. I have personally attended several of Raman's seminars and read his book. I can say from personal experience that his techniques are powerful and effective. I went to one of his seminar's stressed out and angry over a difficult week of work. I came away from that 90minute session completely relaxed, feeling refreshed physically, but also having a better, healthier mental perspective. I felt like a new man. I didn't realize it was totally within my control to cause such a profound improvement in my own wellness in such a short time. The techniques were simple and they worked.

Raman's Power-of-the-Mind is the perfect counter-balancing force to today's high-stress workplace and have-it-all, do-it-all culture. Power-of-the-Mind program teaches people fundamental practices that can calm the mind, refresh the spirit, and rejuvenate the body. I consider his book "The Bible of Feeling Good" and encourage everyone I know to read it.

John Hansen, Senior Engineering Manager


The past few years with Coach Raman have been life changing in ways I never dreamed possible.

His support, encouragement and advice has seen me through numerous ultra marathons, and also through the daily humdrum of life. As humans we face challenges everyday, be it personally or professionally.

Coach Raman’s compassion, intuitive and empathic ability helped me sort through difficult and challenging situations. I now have a renewed sense of purpose and energy. He has helped me identify my goals and encouraged me to go after my dreams. His coaching, guidance and Power of the Mind sessions have truly been one of the most transformative events of my life. I feel so blessed to call him my friend.

Ekta Stracey Basu, Director, Client Relations, Amiseq


I first took Raman’s PoM session in the summer of 2003. It was a different experience all together. From hopping continent to continent, which is a day’s work, I ended up hopping in to some other metaphysical plane. A composed self, where I felt connected with my body, mind and soul, all at the same time.

Raman kept emphasizing on the power of the mind. I always felt that the mind posses’ immense power but unleashing it is what makes the difference. I found my answers with PoM. The meditation techniques, the attitude of life and the whole experience has definitely taught me the importance of holistic health.

Running in and out of meetings, tackling a complex client problem while I am recuperating from a jet lag, managing an army of 18000 people, at home being a father, a husband and most of all being myself. I came to realize what good is the chase if I don’t know where I am headed. Now, looking back, I see myself transformed.

I confronted a calmer and more composed self. I now have the power to prioritize my work. I am able to manage my work and home with equal passion. In fact, I think I have even learnt how to defy the time zone aberration. I can be in two continents a day and not feel jet lagged. All I enjoy is the serenity of changing countries and serving my clients to the best of my ability.

My coffee has come down to ZERO from15 a day. Because I thought to myself that it’s all in the mind that I felt I cant work without 15 coffees a day. It occurred to me and one day I just stopped having coffees, just like that.

One very pertinent change that I have seen in myself is the ability to manage Chaos. With steep deadlines, disruptive changes in the business cycles, ambitious growth plans; I am bound to loose my cool. But now, I confront chaos with a calculated approach. Now, the thinking mind precedes spontaneous decision making, defensive and preemptive thinking.

In sum, I feel I have struck the fine balance between the mind, body and soul. Raman thank you for teaching me that its all about the mind. The mind never ceases functioning and so, I shall never stop learning from you. Thank You Raman!

CP Gurnani, CEO, Tech Mahindra


The Power of the Mind was an eye opener for me to the spiritual world, and I cannot express my gratitude for this experience. I can confidently say that being in touch with our minds and being aware of the power of our thoughts is as important as being aware of our overall health and wellbeing.

And with Coach Raman, who made the experience fun, interesting and exciting made me wants to pursue more and understand more and more about my spiritual side.

Dalia Kamel, Regional Communications Manager, Intel, Dubai


I have benefitted hugely from knowing Raman the past 22 years. His ‘Power of the Mind’ book and series of seminars have taken my mind, body, and soul to new heights. I so look forward to our walks and coaching sessions where I am able to refresh and adjust my outlook to focus on the things that matter in life.

For me, he has been one of the essential spiritual coaches in guiding my daily life. A constant question when I hit hard daily decisions in life is always - how would Raman proceed?

Dr Ghassan Yacoub, Serial Entrepreneur


Raman brings to the table, three decades of experience in self improvement through his unique blend of meditation and yoga. His calm, yet always optimistic approach lends great credibility to his words and actions. You can see first hand, in Raman himself, the positive results of his guidance and teaching.

Steve Young, Founder, Videografix


Raman is a very perceptive individual, gifted with the ability to understand and help people find balance in their lives. He helped me de-stress and find a way to achieve optimal work-life balance. He exudes positive energy in all that he does and through his optimism helps people to look at the brighter side of things.

I enjoyed his seminars immensely and will continue to work with him and improve my mental, physical and general well-being. I would highly recommend his services to anyone interested in achieving a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Deepti Illa, Global Head of Growth and Demand, Google Maps Platform


Raman has proven to be a very knowledgeable and understanding leader, manager and mentor to others. Due to his extensive background and research into Holistic Health, his ability to reflect positive energy amongst those around him has been a great experience in itself. His positive attitude has lead those around him to look deeper into themselves and realize their true potential and abilities.

Gabriel Valdez, Technical Communications Manager, Intel Corp


Raman has the genius of understanding the inner power we all have and to surface that in a manner that can be leveraged in our day to day lives be it at the workplace or at home.

His seminars are thought provoking, practical and meaningful - the meditation techniques that he has perfected over the years have proven very useful to me as well as others.

Naveen Narula, Managing Consultant, IBM

When I got the invitation to attend a 3-day seminar in the middle of a busy work week, I had a million reasons why I couldn’t go with work piling up and deadlines coming up. Listening to Raman’s fluid words and soft pitch changed my mind in a matter of minutes and am I glad that I decided to go.

Stress is endemic to career success in Silicon Valley and I for one have struggled with maintaining Work/Life Balance throughout. I attended stress management classes, time management classes, fitness and nutrition programs, motivational lectures, etc … I can’t say that I did not benefit from these activities yet, POM in my opinion represents the ultimate in terms of it holistic approach that start at the very core of the human being, the mind.

POM emphasis on meditation is designed to unleash the power of the mind, the nexus of the whole being. Mediation is the mechanism for the mind to shed its shackles and become the source of boundless motivation to engage in reestablishing our physical well being through fitness and nutrition. It’s not about discipline and will power anymore, an unshackled mind renders proper fitness and nutrition regimens almost effortless.

I learned to breathe again … That’s right, proper breathing was what I had forgotten to do. POM helped me re-establish a high level of optimism and confidence. I am so glad that I listened to that voice in me, albeit faint at the time, and decided to go.

Pierre Selwan, Director: Architecture, Actel