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Power of the Mind® is available at Amazon. To order: click here

“Power of the Mind” is a must read for anyone who wants

to transform one’s life, and tap into the incredible power

that exists within each of us. I absolutely recommend this

book and Raman’s “Power of the Mind” Workshops.

-- CP Gurnani, CEO, Tech-Mahindra


I wish every parent could read "Power of the Mind". It isn't

just for corporate executives! As a busy mom, I appreciate

that this book is simple and concise. I could grasp the

concepts immediately and I now feel confident that I am

ready to begin my own path to personal fulfillment.

-- Kathryn Axtell, Mother of three, Assistant Scoutmaster and

                                           Professional Volunteer

“Power of the Mind” provides leaders with a straightforward method to fully harness the

creativity, productivity, energy and power of the mind to radically transform themselves

and their organizations.

-- Dr. Jacqueline Lopez, Organizational Psychologist

Takes the mystery out of meditation and yoga, provocative juicing recipes for good dieting

and high energy, and makes Marathoning a possibility for anyone. In all, an everyday life

tool for self care towards wellness.

-- Grace Hui, Clinical Nurse Specialist in Integrated Health Practices