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     October 2020

Presenting the Silicon Valley Power of the Mind®

Transformational Leadership Executive Retreat


Join Raman for a 3-day workshop as he walks you through how

to channel the energy within to attain unparalleled growth in

your organization.




In this workshop you will: 

• Understand how to manage corporate growth
• Develop ability to channel energy thru’ Meditation, Yoga, Exercise and 

    Power Foods
• Transform YOUR organization

Raman draws on his experiential knowledge of the inner mind, coupled with 36 years

practical and personal experience, to show you how to attain physical, mental, and

spiritual health.           

Date:                  October 21-23, 2020

Start:                  4:00pm (October 21, 2020)

Venue:               TBD

Address:            TBA

Cost:                  US $ 4,500.00 per person

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For more information contact Raman at:

Email: raman@power-of-the-mind.com