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          Power of the Mind® Coach

Guiding individuals and groups to Experience, Harness, and Utilize the Force Within.


Coaching Philosophy


My coaching philosophy is based on a holistic approach where physical, mental,

emotional and mindfulness are combined to achieve a desired outcome. It is based

on exploring the mind and understanding oneself through meditation, yoga, exercise,

and power eating. These principles can be used to manage stress, resolve conflicts,

curb anxiety, and grow in every aspect of one’s personal and professional life.



What I love about coaching


I love the fact that I am able to help people develop a much richer and balanced

perspective by alleviating their stress and anxiety. It is extremely satisfying to

observe the changes in people as they continue to grow, meet their goals, and lead

a more fulfilling life. My greatest joy comes from people exceeding their own

expectations and achieving milestones they once deemed impossible.



Results experienced by my clients


While everyone experiences success, the growth that each individual undergoes is

based on how ready they are to accept change in their lives. This is not a lecture,

but a series of steps in self-exploration; the more one is engaged, the more

desirable the outcome. Positive feedback and the longevity my clients have shared

with me is a testimony to the effectiveness of my programs. Outstanding results

from the participants prompted me to quit the corporate world and pursue coaching

as a full time vocation. (See testimonials)


Areas of focus

· Anxiety and Stress

· Attaining Calm/Peace of Mind

· Career Counseling

· Energizing Yourself

· Healing and Building Self-Esteem

· Health/Aging/Turning Back The Clock

· Marathoning

· Motivation

· Positive Thinking

· Weight Loss/Complete Fitness



Improve your health, well-being, personal, and professional life.

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· Personal Coaching

· Group Breakfast/Lunch

· Meetups/Networking

· Keynotes

· Seminars

· Workshops

· Weekend Getaways

· Executive Retreats



"Never Hurry ...       
                                       Never Worry!"